Our Aims

ScottishCancerSupport.org.uk is a personally owned site offering inspiration and resources to anyone who needs it.

Through content creation and research we aim to: 

Lift the spirits of all people who are affected by Cancer in any way.

This website is here to deliver good vibes and positivity to anyone who is need of lifting up. It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in – we’ll try our best to help you out.

Search for and deliver good news related to technological advancements.

There are hundreds of scientists who are constantly striving to discover new treatments and preventative measures. We’ll try and keep you up to date on the most recent news.

Offer a comprehensive list of resources, so that anyone can find information for their own or someone else’s illness.

The internet is a wonderful tool for knowledge. We’ll make sure to keep a page of Resources & Links that can help you get the information you need first-hand, so that you can learn more about Cancer.

Radiate positive thoughts and motivational messages.

Most of all we want to find positive stories and motivational messages that will brighten your day.