Office Admin with Founder and C.E.O

Bill McLauchlin and Joan Galbraith


Scottish Cancer Support are a national, wholly Scottish Charity based in Newmilns near Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. We started in 2002, founded by Joan Galbraith and friends. Having suffered, and pulled through having cancer herself, Joan decided that no person going through, what she felt, was one of the most difficult times in their lives should have to go through it alone, thus Scottish Cancer Support was born.



Since our start almost 12 years ago, we have helped thousands of patients, their families, carers and anyone else involved in their lives. We help through offering financial support, patient transports to and from clinical appointments, respite holidays at one of our 3 caravans in the UK, items for the home, and any other way within our power that we can help at all.




As a non-profit based organisation, all our money comes from our fantastic volunteer collectors, our 4 shops located in Ayrshire, and of course, the generous people of the public. Without these factors, we would not exist, and we would certainly not be able to provide the help that we can. We are grateful for any and all donations that we receive, and can guarantee that all money raised by us in Scotland, STAYS in Scotland.